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The Truffle Hunters

Auditorium - Thursday 16 Sep 2021, 19:45

The Truffle Hunters explores a world most viewers will know nothing about -- with delightfully savoury results. This was a big hit at New Park in the spring.

This film is also a heart-wrenchingly sweet study of the pure love that exists between old men and their dogs. In the forests of Piedmont in northern Italy there is to be found a certain exquisite form of white truffle prized by connoisseurs and gourmands and restaurateurs the world over – and they are prepared to pay big money. The film shows auctions for these dusty, bulbous fungi with buyers showing the kind of overexcitement more associated with sales of wine or contemporary art. The stars are the dogs but not far behind is a boisterous gallery of ageing oddballs whose eccentricity, because it is rooted in a passion for the natural world, has an innate dignity. (subtitles)

Italy 2020 Michael Dweck / Gregory Kershaw 84m

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