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Auditorium SD - Tuesday 6 Jul 2021, 16:45

In 1917, in the Portuguese town of Fátima, three small children were visited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Beset by mass pilgrimage, tensions in the town rise as their families try to come to terms with what their children witnessed.

The bulk of this beautiful, moving and nuanced faith-based film from director Marco Pontecorvo is set in and around Fatima, Portugal, with Stephanie Gil turning in fine work as 10-year-old Lucia, who, with her younger cousins, is visited by the Virgin Mary. Mary tells Lucia she must pray to help bring about the end of the war. Lucia’s claims are met with doubt. The well-meaning parish priest, is convinced the children are lying and calls on the church hierarchy disavow these dangerous lies. Pontecorvo has a gift for visual spectacle. The production values are first-rate, as are the performances. (Subtitles)

Portugal 2020 Marco Pontecorvo 113m

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