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Auditorium SD - Wednesday 23 Jun 2021, 16:45

Christian Petzold updates the Undine myth with vigour and humour. This tale of romance, watery magic and mystery evokes a delightful Hitchcockian sensibility.

Undine (Paula Beer), in her mid-20s, works as a freelance guide for the Senate Administration for Urban Development in central Berlin. But before giving her urban history talk, her lover Johannes breaks up with her on the terrace of a café across the street from her work. According to the German myth of Undine she must kill her lover if he is unfaithful. Diver Christoph offers the hope of a new beginning. Petzold teasingly invites us to accept the drama as being situated between realism and fairytale, in a zone of narrative logic akin to dream. Ptzold claims this dreamlike feel stems from Vertigo as an inspiration. ‘Simultaneously baffling and completely lucid.’ Little White Lies (Subtitles)

2020 Germany Christian Petzold 91m

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