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Another Round

Auditorium Soc. Dist. 1 - Friday 11 Dec 2020, 07:00


An intriguing concept in which four friends decide to test a theory that maintaining a constant blood alcohol level will improve their lives.

Mads Mikkelsen is reunited with ‘The Hunt’ director Thomas Vinterberg in this riotously entertaining tragicomedy. Mads and three other disaffected teachers decide to follow a theory that promotes methodically prescribed all-day drinking to battle depression. To get their mojo back they furtively imbibe clear spirits decanted into mineral water bottles. Merely keeping a steady and low alcohol level inevitably proves too much as Mikkelsen’s Martin slides into alcoholism. ‘Another Round’ spirals into an ironic portrait of debauchery loaded with vicious twists, leading to hectic decisions both wrenching and hilarious. It’s a joy to see Vinterberg and Mikkelsen find their groove again. (Subtitles)

Denmark 2020 Thomas Vinterberg 115m

Closed for Booking