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Auditorium - Thursday 15 Aug 2019, 18:15

A controversial 90-minute documentary about the covert dismantling of the NHS that is happening right now.

It shows how democracy has been subverted by politicians. It tells a story of greed, deception and how a law was passed, without honest public debate, that would transform the NHS into an eventual American type of health service and open the oyster of the most respected institution in the country to the highest bidder. Health care is about life and death, pain, suffering and money. It affects us all. It is narrated by award winning actress Alison Steadman.

UK 2019 Susan Steinberg 90m

We welcome Susan Steinberg (director) and Pam Kleinot to introduce/Q&A their film

Plus 15 min short about dementia


Aspiring singer, Molly, performs before retired opera legend, John O’Connell, in the hope he will write her a good scholarship report. But John’s now diminishing memory means Molly is in for a few puzzling surprises in this charming short drama. Stars Elaine Paige and Ian McElhinney.

UK 2019 Beth Moran 15m

Introduced by Beth Moran (director)

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