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Auditorium - Subs - Wednesday 14 Aug 2019, 10:30

Nuestro Tiempo

This latest masterpiece from the legendary filmmaker asks the hard questions about love and marriage and our fleeting existence.

illustrious Mexican auteur Carlos Reygadas has spawned his most narratively accessible and emotionally open work to date, ‘Our Time’, an unhurriedly paced three-hour study of marital anguish caused by idealist love. Told with his signature epic visuals - wide shots of majestic landscapes captured under stunning natural light - that lend grandeur to the intimate, the film is personal in essence, even if specifics differ from the director’s off-set life. That line between the personal and the autobiographical might blur a bit; ‘Our Time’ was shot on Reygadas’ family ranch in the small Mexican state of Tlaxcala near Mexico City, with him, his wife Natalia López, and their children cast as lead actors. The fifth feature by the often-controversial and always-intriguing auteur feels profound in intention and poetically grand in scope. Reygadas, for the first time, appears less slightly cerebral and more approachably terrestrial. (Subtitles)

Mexico 2018 Carlos Reygadas 177m

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