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Bel Canto

Auditorium - Saturday 18 May 2019, 13:15

Based on Ann Patchett's best-selling novel, this is a dramatic love story that follows a famous soprano (Julianne Moore) who travels to a military dictatorship in South America to give a private concert at a party for a wealthy Japanese industrialist (Ken Watanabe).

Just as the glittering gathering of diplomats and politicians convenes, the mansion is taken over by a guerrilla rebel group demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades. Threats are made, lives are lost, a tense negotiation begins, and a month-long standoff ensues. While they are confined to the house, the hostages and their captors, who speak different languages, are forced to find ways to communicate. Music, especially the beautiful arias performed by Moore's character, a songbird in captivity, sparks a shared sense of comradeship and even love, uniting the disparate housemates as they form unexpected bonds and discover their shared humanity. (Some Subtitles)

USA 2018 Paul Weitz 100m

Please note that the originally scheduled subtitled screening on the Monday will now NOT have Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing as they are not available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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