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Tracking Edith

Auditorium - Thursday 21 Mar 2019, 18:15

Edith Tudor-Hart, a courageous woman with a mission. A film about a spy, a photographer and the discovery of a family secret.

Born Edith Suschitzky in 1908, in Vienna, the Jewish great aunt of director Peter Stephan Jungk was a communist, a Montessori kindergarten teacher, a Bauhaus student and a successful spy for the KGB. She arranged contact with the famous British double agent Kim Philby and helped establish the Cambridge Five, the Soviet Union's most successful Spy ring. At the same time, Edith Tudor-Hart was a photographer who portrayed the misery of the 1930s in Vienna and London, making her one of the most important protagonists of British social photography of the 1930s. Jungk attempts to unravel the riddles of her life, of which even people close to her knew nothing – in Austria, Great Britain and Russia. He speaks to military historians, photo archivists, ex-KGB agents and family members, portraying historical moments in short animated sequences, and above all, he wonders how Edith could remain a convinced Communist in spite of the known atrocities of the Stalinist regime. The film gives an impression of the extent to which espionage shaped the life of Edith Tudor-Hart, who died in 1973, and shows the stages of her double life. (Some subtitles)

Austria 2016 Peter Stephan Jungk 92m

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