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The Olive Tree

Main Auditorium 2000 (S) - Tuesday 18 Apr 2017, 16:45

El Olivo

A deceptively simple drama that hooks you from the very beginning, about a Spanish family and its thousand-year-old olive tree.

The family of impulsive Alba (Anna Castillo) has fallen on hard times, and they’ve been forced into abandoning olive oil production for poultry farming. We follow the determined Alba as she sets out across Europe to reclaim her grandfather’s beloved ancient olive tree from the German company who bought it, and now use it as their logo. Combining social critique with a deeply human story about the broken and unbroken bonds between generations, this yarn about a woman’s literal and spiritual quest to recover a symbolically significant tree from its new corporate owners is, like the best work of Bollaín, and colleague and mentor Ken Loach, cinema that cares and wants to make the world better.

Spain / Germany 2016 Icíar Bollaín 100m

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