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Embrace of the Serpent

Picture Palace - Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 13:00

El Abrazo de la Serpiente

The encounter, apparent betrayal and finally life-affirming friendship between an Amazonian shaman (the last survivor of his people) and two foreign scientists.

Karamakate (Nilbio Torres and Antonio Bolivar) is a Shaman who lives by himself in an ultra-remote corner of the Amazon, since his tribe has been wiped out by white rubber barons. One day a canoe approaches the young Karamakate carrying a German anthropologist, Theo (Jan Bijvoet), who is deathly ill, and his loyal traveling companion, a one-time Amazonian slave named Manduca (Yauenku Migue). Shot in stunningly effective black-and-white, which gives it an old-time documentary look, it captures the grandeur of the rain forest and the earthiness of Karamakate's world. Sprirtuality is central to that world, and he has all sorts of mind-bending herbs (and philosophies) at his disposal. This is gripping, challenging, engrossing, from beginning to end. A seriously good film!
Columbia 2015 Ciro Guerra 119m

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